Novi Travnik High School, the first School of Excellence in Novi Travnik.

As the first School of Excellence in Novi Travnik, the High School Novi Travnik was declared due to the achievements of the teaching staff, students in strengthening the school’s capacity to implement one of the 12 best scientifically-based educational programs for young people, “Program Y,” developed by CARE International. It has achieved excellence standards that are a prerequisite for obtaining the status of a School of Excellence and represents one of the most well-known and contemporary violence prevention programs at the level of cities and communities – the Community-based approach to caring methodology.

According to the Mayor of Novi Travnik, Stjepan Dujo, education is one of the most important segments of the development of society, both in Novi Travnik and in our country. “Investing in quality people, teaching staff, and educating young people can guarantee the creation of new values in society, both in our local community and at the state level. There have always been great intellectuals from these areas who have enriched social life not only here but also in Europe and the world, and it is certainly the need of the local community of Novi Travnik to further equip and excel our school. This project will surely support future generations to have a better life. I hope that this school will be even more quality and better in the future, and that these generations who attend the school now will carry the qualities that will build and incorporate into our community in the future,” said Dujo.

“The Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, Culture, and Sports is extremely proud of the two schools that have reached the level of excellence in our county. Therefore, it is the High School Novi Travnik and the Mixed Technical High School Travnik. The term excellence speaks for itself – it is an honor but also a responsibility to maintain excellence. We must not allow ourselves to fall below that level, but we need to go further and further enhance our capacities. In terms of protecting our students, zero tolerance for violence is required. I hope that this school will be recognized by the local community and young people who will choose this school as the foundation for their future and education as a whole,” said Katarina Velte, the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, Culture, and Sports of the Central Bosnia Canton.

The principal of the High School Novi Travnik, Dražana Hegediš, is proud of the new school status, but also of the entire collective and the students who attend it. “I hope that the status of a school of excellence is achieved by continuous work with young people, precisely based on the principle of preventing violence in our schools. We, as an institution, fight with these problems, and we are recognized precisely in that struggle. This status has come after our many years of work and struggle with the problem that affects young people. This status means a lot to us because we are the first school in Novi Travnik to receive it, but it also means a great obligation for us to continue to work responsibly with our students,” said Hegediš.

The Project Coordinator for the Prevention of Violence against Women at the UN Women Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nađa Hasanović, said that UN Women, in cooperation with the Institute for Population and Development, has been implementing a violence prevention program since 2016, and since 2019, they have been expanding and entering local communities.