Gynecological practice of the Institute for Population and Development offers services of gynecological examination, taking of vaginal swab and pap test, ultrasound examination, pregnancy detection and, when necessary, referrals to other medical institutions.

Professional medical staff, as a part of the medical team of the Institute for Population and Development, attended a series of trainings in order to work with young people, so that every young person who comes for an examination, before the examination is being prepared for it through a conversation.  


Feel free to ask anything that comes to your mind, there are no banal or stupid questions. Our medical staff is at your disposal to provide you with advice on contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections and everything else that you consider important.


Monday: 15-17h
dr. Nermina Kulenović
head nurse: Sejda Džino

Tuesday and Thursday: 15-17h
dr. Enis Hasanović
head nurse: Sejda Džino

 If you want to schedule only your appointment for a gynecological examination and consultation, feel free to call us at tel. 033 220 371.

Gynecological examination and consultation services are strictly confidential for all girls aged 18-26.